Tomorrow! THE FINAL 4!!!

Come on down to the gates as the Final 4 will be set in tonights games!  Get down and see who will be in the Final 4! This is the end of a very special year….our 20th Anniversary!  So this crowned champion will always be remembered as a champion of the Goodman 20th Anniversary!  Come on out and see who is crowned!!!  Get there early as the Gates will be filled to capacity!  DONT MISS THE FINAL 4!!!

3 Responses to “Tomorrow! THE FINAL 4!!!”

  1. Despite the earlier cancellation announcement, the players and the league hoped that a full 82-game schedule could be salvaged if a deal is reached in time.

  2. The forward is not the only one to have a revived awakening of nationalism – over 30 NBA player will be participating in the championship which kicks off tomorrow in Lithuania.

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