Drew All Stars Stay Undefeated In A Sloppy Affair!

by Kendall Hilton, Fan-I Sports & Goodman Staff Writer

To end a great weekend that included the Goodman Honors and Goodman v. Dyckman, what was slated to be a barn-burner, Drew All-Stars v. Lincoln Park, turned out to be an ugly backyard fight between two undefeated teams.

Drew All-Stars walked out of the gates with a 55-49 victory after a chippy affair. I arrived to the game at the 12 minute mark and the score was only 5-5. Commissioner Miles even said it himself that he didn’t think that this game would start like this.

“I got so much love and respect for Lincoln Park cause they battle man,” coach Drew said after the game. “We play them in the APBL league and they beat us by 20-30 so it feel good to finally get a win against one of the best teams in the city. They underestimated us but we handle our business on the court.”

The game was very chippy on all levels. In the beginning of the 2nd half, a common foul almost turned into a on-court scuffle. Marl and Ojo got tangled up, which then made both teams react. Jimmy Black and Bruce Massey then got into it and by that time both coaches were on the court trying to control the situations. Things were so chippy that the commissioner even walked on the court with some anger.

“Until yall want to play basketball, get the **** off the court!” commissioner Miles screamed on the mic.

Once things settled, both teams got back to hooping, even though the game was still sloppy. For majority of the 2nd half, it was back and forth. In the second half, “Old man Game” Nate Flowers took on the scoring load, dropping 9 points. Darin Mency led the Drew All-Stars in scoring with 13 points, adding a new dynamic to the backcourt with Jimmy Black, being a bigger guard that can score.

For Lincoln Park, this was their worst outing all summer. Ojo only finished with 6 points and a few turnovers. Bruce led the team in scoring with 10 points but gave up a couple plays on the defensive end, which is uncommon for the 2015 defensive player of the year. It just wasn’t their night.

Now with the playoff looming, Drew All-Stars remain as one of the last undefeated teams Inside the Gates. For the remainder of the week, Cool Dads, Bump-n-Run, and Drew All-Stars will fight for the regular season title. Once one team loses, the last two teams will play for the regular season title.

Then on Sunday, it’s the playoffs.

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