Cool Dads Shocks The World, Win Regular Season Title!

The 20th season has been a great one for commissioner Miles and the Goodman League but no one has had a better season than the 2nd year team, Cool Dads.


Because they are 9-0 heading into the playoffs and upset the Drew All-Stars in the regular season title game. Not only did they upset them, they won by 19.

Commissioner Miles made the “5,4,3,2,1” call with 1 minute remaining in the game, at the point, the score was already 50-31. While the score might show a blowout, the game was far from a one-sided affair. It didn’t even fit the bill to be one of the top games of the year. Both teams started off sloppy, only 21-19 at halftime.


Each team were missing a big piece due to vacation – Yohan for Cool Dads and Super Boo for the Drew All-Stars – which may have caused for the slow start. Young Kyrie started point guard for the Cool Dads but he never found a groove, making his first start in the big game. The night before, the Cool Dads had to win the play-in game against Bump-n-Run and it was filled with highlights from the Cool Dads. Kyrie made a player hit the canvas and Ed aka “15th Floor” put that same player on a poster.


This time neither player had those moments, Ed finishing with 8 points and Kyrie going scoreless.


Cool Dads only offense came from the big fella in the middle, Derrick Williams who finished with 15 points. This is Williams first year playing Inside The Gates, spending much of his summers in the at Rucker Park playing in the EBC.  

“I love the atmosphere!” Williams said. “For years I used to play in the EBC [at] Rucker Park cause I grew up out there. This brings me back home. I love the competition, I love how free it is, and how hard everybody goes”


Williams hails from Harlem, New York, played at the prestigious St. Anthony High School in New Jersey, and his college ball at Richmond, so he has seen his share of good basketball. So far he has become a favorite of Commissioner Miles and the anchor for the Cinderella Cool Dads.


Darin Mency led the Drew All-Stars with 13 points, hitting some tough buckets inside. While coach Drew thought the absence of Boo was big, Mency felt otherwise. Both did mention that the team wasn’t prepared mentally for the game and that the Cool Dads just wanted it more. Watching the Drew All-Stars play a few times this season, the absence of Boo was a factor. They struggled to find points and the offense was never cohesive. With Boo on the court, the Drew All-Stars would been able to find more easier buckets, especially inside.

Cool Dads will await to see who they will face in the first round of the playoff this week. Yohan will be gone still but they should be able to manage without him. Stay Tuned!

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