Funk House Dominates With New “Wild Card”

By Kendall Hilton, Fan-I Sports, Goodman Staff Writer

BARRY FARMS — In street basketball, it’s all about the wild-cards. Wild-Cards are those players who can make a good team an even better team. Josh Selby played that role last season for the BF Crazies, leading them to the Goodman Finals.

FunkHouse have found their wild card.

The Piranhas from Congress Park walked in the Gates with a mission and walked out with 64-38 victory over the struggling DMV All-Stars/Hoop Culture. FunkHouse got out to an early 7-0 lead that helped them generate momentum for much of the first half and second half.


Justin Black finished  with 25 points, playing at an MVP level but it was another star of the show by the name of Trevelin Queen aka Kid ‘n’ Play aka The Real Deal our of North County high school. Before the game, coach Boo told me that he had a young boy that was going to show me something, and that he did. No more than 5 minutes into the 1st half, Trevelin caught an oop that opened up every ones eyes inside the gates. After that it was highlight after highlight after highlight.

“I’m showing that i’m more than just a lil kid,” Trevelin said after his 27-point performance, leading all scorers. “I just wanted to play the best I can, let em’ know I’m here, and put on a show. I never played in an atmosphere like this, it great!”

Funkhouse completely dominated the paint, Black, Trevelin, and J-Roc penetrating the paint at will, it was a long night for the combo team of DMV/Hoop Culture, losing their third straight game.

Even with the likes of Aquille Carr, White Chocolate, and Damante “Draymond Slice” McNeill, the combo squad has not been able to figure it out. For some reason, Draymond Slice did not start the game and did enter the game until the 10 minute mark. Once he entered the game, things changed. DMV/HC went on 10-3 to come within 3 points but turnovers kept them from turning the corner.

In the second half, Funkhouse just turned up the energy and went from up by 7 to 20 in less than 5 minutes.

“We almost was full blast, I still was missing one more piece to the puzzle but I was glad I had my vet Sully with me,” coach Boo said about his squad. “You seen the new young gun I got now and when I pull out Pig and Daryl, they’re the real Piranhas, we’re going to be hard to beat man.”

During their 3-game streak, Funkhouse has won without Pig, Daryl, and Sully. Pig did a great job checking the Crimestopper, along with the rest of Funkhouse, forcing him into uncomfortable situations in transition. Coach Boo likes the fact that the rest of the league is clueless to how good their new player is (except for the Crazies who are always in attendance) and that Funkhouse is an “under the radar” team Inside The Gates. Sunday they will meet their rival, the BF Crazies, who I’m sure is excited to play the new kid. Stay Tuned!  

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