Grind Time Lives Up To Name & Goodman On WHUT

By Kendall Hilton, Fan-I Sports & Goodman Staff Writer

The only downfall when it comes to outdoor Summer League basketball is the weather. Sometimes you may get a few rainouts that will cancel games for the day, something that happened a lot last summer to start the Goodman League.

This year commissioner Miles hasn’t had to deal with too many rainouts but he stole two games from mother nature Thursday night, having both games completed before the rain came.

In the opening game, Uptown Finest defeated Team Ulico in a blowout, 47-24, Ulico being a victim of the infamous “5,4,3,2,1…..” countdown whenever a game is out of reach. UTP Finest had all 6 of their players score in the first half, ‘Lil Man’ leading the way with 10 points. Most of UTP’s buckets in the first half came from good transition offense, and as the game went on, Ulico’s transition defense became lazier and lazier.

This is Ulico’s second straight loss and they will play again Inside The Gates apart of Sunday’s triple-header. UTP will play Monday as they take on Team Madness in the primetime game.

The District, Episode One.  The Goodman & Barry Farms.

In the headliner, the boys from St. Mary’s county, GrindTime, walked out of The Gates with a 44-35 victory over Awash & Associates, making that 2-hour trip back home a lot easier.

GrindTime lived up to their name with their victory over Awash, literally grinding out the win. To start the game, they opened up with a 10-5 lead in the first 6 minutes, Derrell scoring 5 of the ten points but Awash erased that lead quick. Awash stole the lead three time during the first half but GrindTime was still leading 21-19 at halftime.

Awash took the lead early in the second half thanks to some lights out shooting from behind the arc. Awash hit four straight threes to go up 32-29 halfway through the second half. Former D-League player, Tyc Snow, knocked down two of those treys, scoring all ten of his points in the second half. That didn’t last long though, Justin Jackson hit a three pointer to tie the game at 32.

“We just had to buckle down on defense it start on defense,” said the MVP of the game, Kam Barker.

With the game tied at 35, close to the 1 minute mark, Kam went on a personal 9-0 run. After he hit the first three pointer to give GrindTime the lead, he and Derrell trapped Tyc, causing the turnover, Derrell dropping it off to Kam for the pull-up trey. On the next possession, Derrell grabbed the rebound, passed it up court to Kam for another pull up trey.

“We made a name everywhere else, so we might as well come In the Gates and do the same thing,” Kam said. GrindTime has the pieces to be very successful Inside The Gates come playoff time. GrindTime next matchup will come against R.E. next weekend, who is still looking for another point guard. They will need one against GrindTime.

Saturday, the Goodman League will travel to Alexandria Va, to take on the Ballaholics All-Stars. Derrell of Grindtime will be one of the Goodman All-Stars to suit up. Also NO GAMES FRIDAY as the court is scheduled to be repainted. Games will resume Sunday, with The Showstoppers and Geo Metro headlining a triple header, Stay Tuned!

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