Roc Boys take down Secretary of Education Arnie Duncans Old Heads team. Mike Beasley’s 37 points leads DMV Hoopers into Semi Finals!

The Roc Boys defeated the Old Heads to become the first team into the final four.  The Roc Boys started out slow but then behind their great guard play spread the lead and finished them off.  The Roc Boys are now in the final four.  Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan’s Old Head squad had a great year, showing fans and players how to play basketball the “right way”.  Their team played together as a unit, playing unselfish basketball.  Their brand of basketball was crisp passing, and movement.  They moved without the ball and just played unselfishly, they also played defense as a unit too!  The Old Heads were lead by Arnie Duncan whose great passing drew oooohs and aaaahhs from the crowds.  He lead all players in assist in the league this year.  Old Heads will be a team to watch next summer.  They surprised a lot of teams this summer, they will not be a surprise next summer!


DMV Hoopers took down the regular season champs Back Yard in a close and hotly contested game.  Back Yard was lead by Derrick Payne, Coby Hicks, and Jeff Allen.  Back Yard had to play without its leader point guard Brian Chase who had to leave to play overseas.  DMV Hoopers were lead by Phoenix Suns forward Mike Beasley who had 37 points and lead all scores.  Beasley had Tennessee’s Bobby Maze as his point guard and he scored early and often.  The game came down to the last minute and a key miss of a layup was all that stood between Back Yard going into over time or home.    After Thursdays games the final four will be set.  Check the schedule and the playoff bracket to see whos left and who is on the outside looking in!

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