Kevin Durant, Victor Oladipo, Mike Beasley, Corey Allmond shine in headliner game at Goodman Roundball Classic!

The Goodman Roundball Classic was a great event for DC sports yesterday as the stars of the Goodman League and the stars of Watts League played a up and down game in which Watts was getting blown out….until they brought in Kevin Durant at halftime to save them.  The Goodman League used defense, great shooting and timely passing to begin to blow the doors off of Watts.  Then at halftime Kevin went in the locker room of Watts and came out with a uniform.  At that point the game changed.  Had it not been for Watts getting Kevin to play for them Watts would have continued to get throttled.  So lets give the victory to The Goodman League who really won the game.

The Headliner at 6pm featured the Phoenix Sun’s Mike Beasley, Orlando Magic’s Victor Olidipo, and OKC’s Kevin Durant who shined as well as Josh Selby who scored early and often against Olidipo and Corey Allmond.  At a point towards the end of the first half KD and Olidipo went at it matching bucket for bucket,  long jump shot for long jump shot.  With Kevin getting the last 3 point shot from almost near half court at the buzzer!  The second half was competitive and the score was close all the way through.  The game ended in regulation tied with no overtime.  It was a fitting end to the Goodman Roundball Classic.  John Wall attended the game but did not play but the Goodman wants to thank John Wall for coming through and supporting the event in spite of not playing.  Next years game should be even better!  Thanks to all the Goodman fans who came out to see The Goodman Roundball Classic!  Pictures from the event will be posted soon in our gallery.

The 2013 Goodman Playoff will continue tonight please check the schedule and the playoff bracket to see who is playing . 

One Response to “Kevin Durant, Victor Oladipo, Mike Beasley, Corey Allmond shine in headliner game at Goodman Roundball Classic!”

  1. Professor Swish August 26, 2013 at 1:19 pm

    As a shooting coach and a fan of the Goodman League I enjoyed the games yesterday,especially the accurate smooth shooting of Corey Almond and the dynamic I can score on anyboby attitude displayed by the “Gangster” Josh Shelby.